NECA 7" Scale Ultimate - An American Werewolf in London Kessler's Wolf

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7" Scale Ultimate Action Figure
An American Werewolf in London
Kessler's Wolf


NECA's newest figure from An American Werewolf in London is an action figure first.

The classic 1981 movie is the perfect blend of comedy and true horror, it follows two American backpackers through their, terrifying, trip across England.

Only David Kessler survives the bizarre wolf attack that kills his friend Jack but then, an undead Jack returns to warn David that he will soon transform into a murderous beast.

Never before made as an action figure, Kessler's wolf form has over 30 points of articulation. Includes: interchangeable heads.


Size: 11"
Range: 7" Scale Ultimate Action Figures
Category: Horror/Sci-Fi
Packaging: Window box - opening panel